Labour Preparation Class

Price: 795 kr/person

All you need to know about giving birth with confidence! We only have skilled midwives as teachers.

A class designed to provide the opportunity to explore a wide range of issues surrounding pregnancy, labour and birth in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Theres is always room for questions.

Each course is different depending on the needs of the couples attending but the following topics are covered: 

• The stages of labour and the process of straightforward birth
• Self help methods and pain relief options
• Birth hormones and the effect the birth environment has on labour
• The role of the birth partner
• Positions to encourage straightforward labour and birth
• Giving birth in Sweden hospital procedures and communicating with health professionals
• Caesarean section and assisted birth
• Postpartum

Class recommended from pregnancy week 25. Class is 3 hours in total.

If you like to know more about breathing & relaxation techniques during birth we strongly recommend our 6 hour Lamaze Class. A class that will give you fantastic tools to cope with the process of bringing your child in to this world. Together with a well-tuned in partner you will become a super strong team!