Webinar Empowering Birth Class

(Formerly known as Webinar Lamaze Class / Profylax course in English)

Price: 1000 kr / registration (choose 1 delegate when you book – the class fee is eligible for you and partner / birth support person of choice)

Entitled for “Friskvårdsbidrag”

This interactive class will help you prepare for labour & birth in your own safe home environment by providing tools that will enhance the chance for a positive experience.

We will focus on;
-Mental preparation
-The important role of the partner / support person

The class is a mixture of lecture and practical breathing / relaxation exercises.

During the two hours the midwife instructing the class will answer your questions along the way so, that you by the end will feel like you have gained useful tools that will help you approach labour & birth with greater confidence.

To fully enjoy this class we strongly recommend that you also take part in our Webinar Labour Preparation Class, here we will talk about the stages during labour and birth and also provide you with in-depth knowledge on the pain relieving options available at a Swedish delivery ward.

Class is recommended from pregnancy week 25. The majority of our customers take the class between week 30-36. If you are experiencing increased anxiety when thinking about labour we recommend you to take the class earlier rather than later so, that you have more time to practice and prepare according to your needs.

In collaboration with Preglife.

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On the day before class you will get an email with all the information you need to best enjoy this class, the Zoom link is included in this email. The Zoom link will again be sent out one hour prior to class starting. You will also receive our booklet “Lamaze” via email filled with more information that you can use after class to continue your preparation.

We warmly recommend that you have your camera on during this class, of course optional, but studies show that it is easier to interact if we see each other. You can write your questions in the chat either as a private message to the midwife conducting the class or as a message that the whole group can read. The midwife will read all questions out load (without the names) and then answer orally.

There is a short break in the middle of class.

After class we send out a PDF with what we like you to bring from this class.