Webinar Breastfeeding Class

Price: 745 kr / registration (choose 1 delegate when you book – the class fee is eligible for you and a partner / birth support person of choice)

Our class aims to provide you as an expectant parent with increased knowledge and confidence for a successful start to breastfeeding your baby. We know that breastfeeding to a great extent is a learning process.

Our skilled lactation midwife will give you increased knowledge about;
-Lactation physiology
-Ways to enhance milk production
-Signs of the rooting reflex
-Getting a good latch
-Feeding on baby’s signals – “baby led feeding”

Class also walks you through the difficulties that might arise and provides you with solutions to them.

All information is based on our in-depth knowledge and the latest research about breastfeeding.

There is always room for your questions.

Class is recommended from pregnancy week 25. Class is 1,5 hours in total.

A link to the Zoom meeting will be sent out by email 24 hours prior to class and a reminder is sent out 1 hour before class.

Warmly welcome to this important class!

In collaboration with Preglife.