Prenatal Yoga

Price: 1855 kr

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Our prenatal yoga gives you the opportunity to land in your pregnancy and increases the well-being of both you and your baby. We work in slow and soft movements with a strong focus on breathing, relaxation, concentration and endurance. It is a calm birth preparation yoga.

Our experience and current research show that yoga is a fantastic way to prepare both mentally and physically for the challenge of birth, and it also offers benefits during pregnancy such as better sleep and reduced nausea. You can also use many yoga exercises during birth.

It is possible to practice pregnancy yoga during the entire pregnancy. You can book the course regardless of which week you are in and whether you have practice yoga or not before. Many of our customers practice yoga right up until the due date.

If you should have any complications such as back or pelvic problems, it is fine to contact us. A course consists of 5 classes each 90 minutes long. Our instructors are specially trained in exercise during pregnancy. All training takes place under your own responsibility. Mats are provided in the studio but please do bring your own if your prefer that!

If you have missed a session you can make up for it during the next course or in one of the Swedish speaking classes. Send an email to to check availability for a new session. Make sure to always check the website before you have your “make up session” to make sure no changes have occurred.

TAKE NOTICE! To make your reservation, make sure to choose a class that is held in “language” English!

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Prenatal yoga is an excellent way to prepare for childbirth and you don’t need any prior knowledge. Prenatal yoga includes gentle yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation. The program is designed and adapted to how the body changes during pregnancy. The exercises are performed at a leisurely pace based on your needs and possibilities. Ailments such as back pain and sore joints can be alleviated and prevented. Yoga counteracts stress, gives the body space to rest and helps you to relax. Gathering strength and energy is an important part of the yoga tradition as well as before birth.

Many yoga exercises can also be used as labor and delivery positions. By practicing these during pregnancy, it becomes easier to trust the body’s ability and to relax during childbirth. In yoga, breathing is central. Getting to know and getting to know your breath is a valuable tool for feelings of anxiety and stress. During the course, you will learn to breathe calmly, which provides security, support and self-help when you give birth. Each course ends with a nice rest.

There is a lot of research on prenatal yoga which shows, among other things, that it strengthens faith in oneself and one’s body and increases confidence in one’s own ability to give birth. Studies also show that the experience of giving birth more often becomes positive. Yoga also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, our peace and quite system, which is the system you want to be in during your birth to help your body work well and to relieve pain. Then high levels of our calmness hormone – oxytocin – are also released, the important hormone that causes the uterine muscles to contract during labor and a positive birth spiral starts.