Parental counselling & support

Counselling for a healthy and confident pregnancy and parenthood

There is support for you who needs

Pregnancy and the time with a newborn baby is quite a revolutionary period in life when many thoughts and feelings of different sorts often arise. If you feel these feelings and thoughts are a heavy weight to carry, it’s valuable to ask for help and support. You don’t have to be alone with your difficulties, and counselling is a way for you to have as good a pregnancy and parenting as possible. No concerns are too big or small; I’ll meet you where you are. 

Depending on your needs, I offer 1-3 support meetings and more extended and deeper counselling. If you need help as a couple, you are as welcome. In an initial meeting, we will review your unique needs and wishes and take it from there.

Support meetings – For you experiencing a lighter burden or difficulty, 1-3 sessions can be sufficient. Topics can be worry, stress, insecurity about your new role as a parent or other issues. This is also for you as a couple who experience communication problems or other relational difficulties in your new life situation.

Counselling We all have our unique attachment history, personality and life situation. Many of us have things that burden us that can be valuable to sort out before becoming a parent. In counselling, we dig a bit deeper to sort out what’s in the way for you to be the parent you wish to be for your child. Generally, we have the intention of meeting 5 sessions, then reconcile our process and decide if further counselling is needed.

Karina Stääv Ardelius is a certificated psychosynthesis therapist and supervisor (PsA®) and certificated coach (ICF-accredited Novus coaching). She has a long experience working with pregnant women and couples, for example, in the Stockholm regional project “Safe to give birth”. She is also certified in prenatal yoga and mindfulness (MFC), is educated in anatomy and basic medicine, and holds a university exam in communication, phycology, leadership and health.

Karina works in an integrated, dynamic and holistic tradition where body, mind and feelings are mutually connected and affect one another. Her work is also relational, and she adjusts the meeting to each unique individual’s needs and wishes. Her purpose is to assist people in the hardships that arise in life and support healing, growth and self-realisation. All her work is under secrecy, and she follows the standards of the ethical board in Psykosyntesföreningen, where she also has her insurance.

Her cancellation policy is 24 hours.

To read more & book a consultation –> Karina’s practice is centrally based in Södermalm in Stockholm